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 BackRider Belt™





This device has been referred to as many names such as; child riding belt, child riding harness or child rider harness, kid harness, motorcycle passenger harness, pillion harness or pillion rider harness and even a kid carrier or kid harness but whatever the name people prefer to call it, we called ours the BackRiderTMBelt because it's a child's riding belt harness for the motorcycle child passenger or pillion rider etc.

The idea of our Canadian Designed, Patented (# 2,652,614), BackRiderTMBelt design was derived from a similar product that used to be on the market that was called "The Child Riding Belt".

A little Child Riding Belt Harness History:

The Child Riding Belt was designed by Ivan "Doc" Holiday Arsenault who was nominated in 1986 for an Honorary Ph. D. from the University of Alberta, Canada, in recognition of his creation of the CRV Riding Belt and its contribution toward the rehabilitation of paraplegic children. Ivan "Doc" Holiday Arsenault is also well known for having written a screenplay for "Roadhouse Legacy" (based on the movie that had Patrick "Dalton" Swayze star in). Ivan "Doc" Holiday Arsenault who now lives & rides in Daytona Beach Florida, gave his permission to make and sell the Child Riding Belt in 1988 to the Edmonton, Alberta, Canada based company who distributed the the Child Riding Belts, but they have since closed their business and no longer sell them anymore. Now our Canadian PatentedBackRiderTMBelt is the only child riding belt type product of it's kind legally available on the market!



That Child Riding Belt worked pretty good but Brian Muller the Director of Operations here at Riderz Ragz Inc. saw that it could be improved upon considerably and he also felt that the product should go through a professional product evaluation test and thus the Canadian Designed Patented (# 2,652,614), BackRiderTMBelt was born and then successfully tested! The BackRiderTMBelt has an improved product design, with stronger fabric and related materials and with many great features with the emphasis being on comfort & support while being easy to use.


 The BackRiderTMBelt is

Available in two (2) different sizes


The Patented (Patent # 2,652,614) BackRiderTMBelt is a child's riding belt harness that enables children to ride on the back of recreational vehicles such as Motorcycles, ATVs and Snowmobiles, even Horseback too!

Here are some of the features that make this product the Best on the Market:


BackRiderTMBelt Features:



  • The BackRiderBelt has successfully passed a professional engineering product evaulation test (10 belts were submitted for testing that involved tests for strength, weight capacity, abrasion resistance, color fading etc.) by a Product Evaluation testing firm that was contracted through an international safety organization.  The product was tested according to the same testing guidelines that is used for testing Child Safety Car Seats.
  • Both the adult and child’s waist belt portions contain a pliable plastic support sheet that is sewn into the belt for added support and to keep the child stay upright while riding.


  • The child’s waist belt portion also has a contoured shape to support the child’s front with a higher fit and then it tapers down as it wraps around the child’s sides to give more freedom of movement for the child to tilt comfortably from side to side, without losing the upright support in the design. The BackRiderTMBelt is designed to provide a much more secure fit for your child with our unique wide belt design.


  • There is a “Padded Back Yoke” portion that servers a couple of purposes – it supports the child’s upper body better, eliminates the shoulder straps from falling off the child’s shoulders, and it holds the “helmet support” securely in place to be much more effective in supporting the heavy weight of the child’s helmet (as the child doesn’t have the same strong neck muscles as an adult does with holding the head upright while wearing a helmet).


  • The design of the belt consists of 1 ½” & 2” strong nylon web strapping, and also the fabric used is a very strong, abrasion resistant “Cordura” nylon material.


  • The color is a bright “safety orange” to be more visible while riding.


  • This product was also designed to be easy to put on and off the child – the BackRiderBelt was designed so that the adult rider holds the belt with the back (open portion of the belt) facing the front of the child so that the child just has to walk forward with arms out stretched toward the adult and into the belt, then the adult “wraps” the belt around the child’s back, snaps the shoulder straps in place, then snap the waist belt buckle and each of the lower straps to the waist belt portion (to take the belt off is just as easy using the reverse instructions).


  • The BackRiderBelt is also versatile in that various components can be removed if you decide for whatever reason you don’t want/need them such as the “Padded Back Yoke” and “Helmet Support”.


  • This product also has two (2) adult rider waist sizes to choose from between the Regular size 30” to 44” & Large size 44” to 57” (colder weather waist size should also be measured to include around a leather jacket and/or heavy sweatshirt etc.) with both sizes being readily available (no backorder with this product).


  • It has two (2) handle straps as a novelty for the child to hang on to (although they are not required for the child to stay securely on the back of your recreational vehicle).


  • The BackRiderBelt is easy to use everytime and it only needs a few minutes once a year for adjustments as your child grows.


  • This product’s weight is only 1.5 kg (3.0 lbs) for the Regular size & 1.6 kg (3.1 lbs) for the Large size.


  • The shipping box size is 31 cm x 26 cm x 26 cm (10" x 10" x 12").


  • The BackRiderTMBelt also has a 90 day warranty.










Interested in becoming a Dealer/Distributor of the BackRiderTMBelt?

Just send us an e-mail request for more details!

Or send us an e-mail with any questions you may have as we like to hear from our customers after all many of the features in the BackRiderTMBelt have been developed from all the feedback we've received from our customers over the years who have purchased our products.











    The BackRider™ Belt...

    Designed by Bikers... for Bikers!




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