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BackRiderTM Belt”

We just went for a little test drive. A success! Liam isn’t a big fan of his helmet, but the BackRider was no problem. I explained that it’s a big seatbelt for him and mama for on the motorcycle and he jumped right in. Took a few minutes beforehand to get it roughly his size, but once he was in, it was easy to get him completely sorted. We went for a roughly 20-minute drive....he was giggling as we pulled out of the driveway. He did great. At the end of the ride, we could travel at reasonable speeds and he stayed relaxed. He was super-comfortable and stable, and I had no trouble with it either. I was comfortable and it all felt very secure. Many thanks for the BackRider, and for the care you took in making sure it got to us. All my best, Darcy."




Darcy P.  – Noord Holland, Netherlands



BackRiderTM Belt”

First of all, I have to tell you that the belt is great, after a couple of test rides my daughter was ready to become a road tripper with her daddy! Then after some time riding with my girl, my boy wanted to try too, so I adjusted the belt and now he wants me to take him to the school on the bike! So thank you very much, because thanks to your belt I can spend a lot of time with my kids sharing a hobby that was restricted to me and sometimes my wife."



Ricardo R.  – Luxottica Mexico



BackRiderTM Belt”

The backrider harness enables me to take my young son riding with me and gives me the peace of mind of knowing he is securely on the bike and cannot fall off. I highly recommend this product."



Kevin C.  – Northern Alberta Canada




BackRiderTM Belt”

Thanks for the follow up on this product. It is an amazing item that has allowed me to take my Autistic Son on rides on the back of the motorcycle. Previous to this his moving around made me so nervous that I would not leave the block I was on and thus hesitant to even go out with him. Now I am able to ride around the whole town with the comfort and an ease of mind that I would otherwise not have had.  The BackRider keeps his movements more muted and allows me to feel more in control of the bike. Thanks…It helps me bond with my son more than I would have been able to do without it.


Dan B.  – Medicine Hat, Albeta - Canada



BackRiderTM Belt”

I sold my two wheels for three wheels(a 2011 Harley Davidson Street Glide trike) so that my 4yr old son could ride with me. My son was soo excited about riding on the trike, I was concerned that he would not remember to hold on. The Harley shop mentioned your website. I searched some other sites and decided to place my order with Riderz Rags. The first thing I would like to say is from the time I submitted my order the customer service was EXCELLENT. I was constantly updated on the progress of my order and when I thought that my package was lost, (the mailman didn't leave the delivery sticker on my door when I wasn't home to sign for it) I received personal responses from Mr. Muller to help me find out where the package was. When we finally got the package and got home for the evening we tried it on. It took us a few minutes to get everything adjusted but once we finished we sat on the bike and went through all of the "motions of riding". It was too late to go out and since then it has been raining and cold but when we get the chance to ride I will take lots of pictures. It is sturdy, comfortable, and I like the bright color. Thanks and feel free to post my comment.    Stephanie in Georgia.

Stephanie K.  – Columbus, GA - USA



BackRiderTM Belt”

Yes…I did try it out….and it was more than I ever expected!!  The primary reason I ordered it was to make triple sure my 7 year old was safe when he was riding on the back of my wide glide. This was his first year riding with me…and he was pretty nervous…but it worked out GREAT!! We went out aound the driveway…and up the local road…and he felt good.  He had his maiden voyage during Fall Ride in Tomahawk, WI. This is a mini-sturgis type rally Harley has every year….where about 25,000 bikers are in town. He was part of the riders only because of your product. If it hadn’t lived up to my standards…he would not have been riding!! His ride through town made him so confident that he then was up for an 80 mile ride on the highway through the north woods of Wisconsin.  He LOVED every minute of it!!  Many thanks to you and your company for such a wonderful product. I have attached a pic of my son all belted in and ready to go.  Thanks.”


Tom P.  – Tomahawk WI - USA




BackRiderTM Belt”

Please see attached picture!  The BackRider Belt works perfectly!  I have been riding my daughter around running errands, etc.  We are really enjoying it!  Worth every penny!


Brian L.  – San Diego CA - USA




BackRiderTM Belt”

My husband and son LOVED the belt. I did a post on Ebay but it was limiting to the amount I could post. They have used it about 2-3 times now. The sizing of it for my son was simple, once I started familiarizing myself with it. My son loves riding with my husband, they have a blast. My husband said it works great! His only fairly negative (but not really) comment was he had to sit more upright but then he also said that it was actaully probably better for his posture anyhow. Revin (our son) loves riding with daddy. Our 4 year old desperately wants to ride with him too so now we have to just figure out how to get his feet to reach the pegs so he can. Thank you so much. Julie

Here are some pix...”



Julie W.  – Yorba Linda, CA - USA




BackRiderTM Belt”

We are loving the belt! We took a trip to South Dakota this summer and used it tons. We probably have some good pictures I could send you that you could use. Our son (Marcus) loves it and calls it his motorcycle seat belt. I have an orange bike, so it matches, which is a bonus. Let me check with my wife and see what I can dig up for pictures to send you.   Thanks, Ian.

I have to echo Ian's comments. Marcus LOVES motorbiking and can usually out-ride me. I love that I don't have to worry about him and I can focus on enjoying my own ride. When he falls asleep he's just as safe as when he's awake and I appreciate the security! The BackRider Belt is worth every penny and we're excited to even use it over Christmas Vacation when we go quadding. Here are a few pics of Ian and Marcus together on the bike. I even have one of him sleeping :)   Jenn. 



Ian, Jennifer & Marcus I.  – Caronport Saskatchewn - Canada



BackRiderTM Belt”



 Graig & Joel – Illinois - USA



BackRiderTM Belt”

Here are some pictures of me and my son with his new Back Rider Belt. It works great. Thanks.



Graham – West Virginia - USA




BackRiderTM Belt”

The BackRider Belt is awesome! Just to know that our granddaughter was comfortable enough to fall asleep on the bike, and was safe, was the best feeling there could be.  She loves being able to ride behind "Papa" (You can post that feedback if you like).  Have a great day!



Zena & George – Stony Plain, Alberta - Canada






BackRiderTM Belt”

“I have had the chance of taking my 2 yr old out twice now, And I can say he loves it.  The 1st ride was a short one, and the second being only 16 km one way, I noticed he was fully comfortable with it, as he fell asleep on the way back.  This is an awesome product.  Thanks.” 


Jon – Didsbury, Alberta - Canada



BackRiderTM Belt”

“Hey Brian , we can't thank you enuff for getting us the back rider belt. Its just a fathers dream to ride with his son. William just loves to be on the bike every chance he gets. I am so thankful to all at Riderz Ragz for giving us this opportunity.  People were just staring us through out the ride so we just kept to the slow track. William goes yahoo. I love this ride  :) ” 


Manoj – Dubai, United Arab Emirates



BackRiderTM Belt”

“The BackRider Belt has been an excellent investment. My daughter now gets to enjoy the whole motorcycle experience with me and quite often sits behind me laughing and telling me how much fun she is having.  Once the initial set-up was complete putting on the belt is simple. 5 quick snaps and away we go. She sits securely fastened to me and I can concentrate on driving and not worrying about her coming off of the bike.  I have been promoting the belt every time we put it on as I tell riders with small children that this is the only safe way for them to double up with their kids.  Thanks again!”


B. Halase – Calgary, Alberta - Canada


BackRiderTM Belt”

“Fantastic! Works very well indeed. Gives me the peace of mind to know my child CAN’T fall off the bike. Worth every penny.”


Dr.  J. Ronald -  Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada




BackRiderTM Belt”

“IT’S GREAT!!!!!  Apart from a little bit of fidgeting by him I barely knew he was there.  Once he figured out how to get in sync with the bike we were tearing up the road.  Anyone who doesn’t look at getting a “BackRiderTM Belt” to ensure a fun and SAFE riding experience with their kids honestly needs their head examined.  The belt allows you to relax while knowing your child is safe and therefore letting you enjoy the ride together.  I was asked at nearly every gas stop where I got it and quickly gave them the web site.  I have no problem recommending this great Canadian made product to anyone.”

- A. Murray – Ralston,  Alberta, Canada


BackRiderTM Belt”

"I have attached a pic of my little girl on the bike. She loves it and doesn't want to stop going for rides.  She holds on to the handles but as cars would come by she would let go and do a little wave and had the biggest grin on her face. PRICELESS.  Needless to say we love your product."


 - A. Bise - Virginia Beach, Virginia USA




BackRiderTM Belt”

"I thought that I would write and tell you how much we are enjoying the BackRiderTM Belt” .  It fits perfectly (the rider and the child) and gives us some extra peace of mind.  We do a lot of riding and since our little girl can now reach the passenger foot pegs, we no longer have to always find a babysitter.  Plus, my little girl feels secure and has a lot of fun riding on the back of the bike.  Thanks for the Rider Belt!  We will enjoy it!"


- L. Passarello - Prince George, British Columbia, Canada







BackRiderTM Belt”

"Great great great communication. LOVE The harness!!! A+ seller & Product!" 



Phil & Amy – Danvers, Massachusetts – USA





BackRiderTM Belt”

“I have been using the belt all summer with my 5 year old son and we love the belt!  He regularly falls asleep on the way home from his dayhome and I have no worries he is going to fall off.  It holds him up very well as he is snoozing away.

Jay – St Albert, Alberta - Canada


The Child Riding Belt


"I love the riding belt.  My kids have been able to enjoy the open roads w/ us and we don't have to worry about them falling off.  They can sleep or enjoy the scenery!  You certainly may use my pics and comments.  Again, we love them and have used them motorcycling, horse riding and we were going to use them on the snow mobile this winter, but we decided to leave the kids at home instead."


- N. Bachman – Lindsborg, Kansas USA





"E-G Chaps" engine guard covers

"Received the chaps and they are finer than I expected.  They fit like a dream and look fantastic. I just got back from an 1100 mi. trip, thru rain and bugs, and my pants were not even damp. Brian, you might be getting some business from people that asked about these chaps. They worked like a champ. Thank you so much for the wonderful service and attention to detail. I will encourage my fellow riders to use your products."


- Thomas Ingraham - Half Moon Bay, California, USA




 The BackRiderTM Belt” product has successfully passed a professional product evaluation engineering test.





Note: Although the BackRiderTM Belt” has successfully passed a professional product evaluation engineering test, it is however .....

 not sold as a safety device!

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