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The BackRiderô Belt





The BackRiderTM” Belt


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This device has been referred to as many names such as; child riding harness or child rider harness, kid harness, motorcycle passenger harness, pillion harness or pillion rider harness and even a kid carrier or kid harness but whatever the name people prefer to call it, we called ours the BackRiderTMBelt  as it's a child's recreational riding harness for a child passenger or pillion rider on the back of recreational vehciles such as Motorcycles, All Terrain Vehicles & Snowmobiles.

There may have been others who have tried to design something like this but we feel that we have designed a whole new child motorcycle passenger riding harness type belt that many exceptional features incorporated into it.

The BackRiderTMBelt is a 5 point motorcycle riding harness that attaches your child to you, the rider. It was designed by our parent company Riderz Ragz Inc. in part from the accumulated feedback we received from our many customers over the years.

 Brian Muller the Director of Operations here at Riderz Ragz Inc. felt that the product should go through a professional product evaluation test and thus the Canadian Designed Patented (# 2,652,614), BackRiderTMBelt was born and then successfully tested! The BackRiderTMBelt has an improved product design, with stronger fabric and related materials and with many great features with the emphasis being on comfort & support while being easy to use.

Check the "Features & Details" page to see the many features that make the BackRiderTMBelt the exceptional product that it is.


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The BackRiderTMBelt ...

the best child riding harness on the market!

Proudly, Designed by bikers, for bikers!


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