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Features & Details

The Patented (Patent # 2,652,614) BackRider™ Belt has successfully passed a professional engineering product evaluation test. Both the adult and child's waist belt portions contain a pliable plastic support sheet that is sewn into the belt for added support and to help keep the child in an upright position while riding.

The BackRider™ Belt is easy to use every time and it only needs a few minutes once a year for adjustments as your child grows. It weighs only 1.5 kg (& 1.6 kg for the Large Size). The BackRider™ belt also has a 90 day warranty.

Both the adult and child belt portions are made with a pliable plastic support strip sewn inside for added support and comfort.

It is very comforatble to wear for both the adult rider and child passenger.

1 1/2 ” wide leg straps are easily adjusted from side to side as well as up and down for the best comfortable fit and size of the child.
Soft yet durable novelty handle straps on the sides to occupy your child during the ride. Although the child does not need to hang on as they are securely fastened to the adult rider at all times during the ride.
The back yoke pad ensures the two shoulder straps stay in place and it also has a padded helmet support pad attached to the top that helps to support the heavy weight of the child’s helmet which eases neck muscle fatigue.
The BackRider TM belt is available in two adult waist sizes to choose from:

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