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Using the BackRider™ Belt

The Patented (Patent # 2,652,614) BackRider™ belt is a 5 point motorcycle riding harness that attaches your child to you, the rider. The BackRider™ belt is the only such product of its kind on the market that has successfully passed a safety engineering test! This gives you, the rider, a better sense of security when riding with your child.

Some key factors in regards to the safety of the BackRider™ belt is that both the adult and child belt portions are made with a pliable plastic support strip sewn inside for added support and comfort. Also, the adult waist belt portion has a combination of Velcro & strong plastic buckles that secure the belt around the waist. Your child is secured at 5 points: a wide support belt around the waist, 1 1/2" nylon straps over each shoulder & 1 1/2" nylon straps around each leg (this 5 point idea is better for full body support rather than just a single waist type belt harness).

Have a look below at some detailed photos outlining the process of setting up the BackRider™ belt!

The BackRider™ belt is so easy to setup!


Just slip the BackRider™ belt onto the child’s front with their arms outstretched so that they go through the shoulder loops.


Then attach the shoulder strap on the Velcro strip on the back yoke pad and fasten the two snaps to hold the strap in place.


Attach the child’s waist buckle at their back.


Then pull the two front end straps through the child’s legs and up onto their back and then snap each of these buckle ends to the two buckle ends that hang down the child’s back from the back yoke pad.


Adjust each strap so that there is a snug fit and then just tuck in any loose strapping so that it doesn’t fly around loosely while riding.

Now you’re "Ready to Ride"!

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