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BackRider Belt Stories

"Let's Ride"


Motorcycling is a family affair!

By:  Brian Muller 2011

“Let’s Ride” she says with a beaming smile and eyes that sparkle like dancing stars on a clear night. That’s my daughter, Jennie pleading for me (or Mom) to take her for a ride on our Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, while my son, Michael is already digging out his little “biker boots”, jacket and helmet (already assuming that we are all going for a ride).

It’s a great feeling to share our love for the open road on our bikes with our children as a family outing.  Sometimes it’s just as simple as a quick ride around a couple of blocks or so, while other times it’s an afternoon visit to the movies or the Zoo. They are aged 9 & 11 now but ever since they were around 2 years old we have been taking them on trips including to various motorcycle events such as the local “Ride for Sight” or “Toys for Tots” etc. where there is something for the whole family.

We first used a product called the “Child Riding Belt” which is a Children’s Recreational Vehicle Riding Belt harness that enables small children up to 100 lbs to ride on the back of most recreational vehicles where the passenger sits behind the driver. My wife, Deb and I bought our first Child Riding Belt when our son was barely 2 years old. We could only take him for short rides (10 or 15 minutes max) as he would be found sleeping soon into the ride. The amazing thing was, when he was sleeping he sometimes would lean over a little but would not fall off as this belt held him in place on the bike. This allowed time to find a safe spot to pull over and give him a rest before carrying on.

By the time my daughter was 2 years old we shared the belt between the both of them only taking one at a time but that didn’t work out too well as you can imagine because both Michael & Jennie would argue about who should go first for their ride. So we purchased a second belt so that Deb and I could each take one of our children and ride all together. Needless to say when I announced to the kids of our plans of purchasing another belt, my son’s first response was “For Real Dad?” (which was his way of saying “please don’t tease me Dad, are we each getting one of our own, really?”). Yes son….. “For Real”.

But of course that was then and this is now.  And we have been on many family rides since then and as a result of using this Child Riding Belt back then, we felt that the product could be improved upon greatly. So we designed our own version of this Child Riding Belt and we called it the “BackRider Belt”.  Our “BackRider Belt” was designed with many new features that the “Child Riding Belt” didn’t have, for one, the “BackRider Belt” was designed to keep the child “Upright” while riding even if they drift off to sleep while riding. Their head may tilt a little as they sleep comfortably but you as the Adult Rider will not have any interference with the handling of your motorcycle while riding with your child in their “BackRider Belt”.  It also has many other features incorporated into it such as a Helmet Support Pad that supports some of the weight of the Child’s heavy helmet which reduces the strain that the helmet creates with the child’s neck muscles.  Also both the Adult and Child waist belt portions of the “BackRider Belt” have a “Pliable Plastic Sheet” inserted in the belt that gives added back & kidney support for both the rider & the child passenger. But the best feature of all over the Child Riding Belt was that we made arrangements to have the “BackRider Belt” successfully tested by professional product evaluation testing engineers using the same tests that are used for testing Baby Car Seats!

Now it's not just us as a family enjoying rides using the “BackRider Belt”, it has since been used by riders from all across Canada & the USA as well as to riders from around the world such as Cypress, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Turkey, the UK & more!

Riding motorcycles now is more of a "Family Riding Affair" than ever before!

So now the two most beautiful words I like to hear are....... “Let’s Ride”!

Especially coming from the lips of an angel.

Now...... “Let’s Ride”!


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