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BackRider Belt

BackRider Belt

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Riderz Ragz Introduces...

the best Child Motorcycle Riding Belt Harness...

The "New" BackRider™ Belt




The Patented (Patent # 2,652,614) BackRiderTM” Belt is a 5 point child motorcycle riding harness that attaches your child to you, the rider ensuring that they won't fall off from riding over a bump or pothole in the road or if they get sleepy.

This device has been referred to as many names such as; child riding belt, child riding harness or child rider harness, kid harness, motorcycle passenger harness, pillion harness or pillion rider harness and even a kid carrier or kid harness but whatever the name people prefer to call it, we called ours the BackRiderTM” Belt because it's a child's recreational riding belt harness for the motorcycle child passenger or the little rider on the back.

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BackRiderTM” Belt Features:



  • The best feature the BackRiderTM” Belt it is the only product on the market that is known to have successfully passed a product evaluation engineering test! Although The BackRider Belt is not sold as a Safety Device, it does however give you, peace of mind as a result of these tests.

  • The BackRiderTM” Belt is extremely comfortable for both the adult rider and the child passenger.

  • Comes in a bright safety orange color for better visibility of you and your child while riding.

  • Made with durable Denier Cordura nylon material and heavy weight 1 1/2" wide nylon webbing.

  • The plastic buckles are strong & easy to use - they were successfully tested up to 500 times, opening & closing without any problems.

  • Pliable Plastic Support Sheet Sewn Inside Each Waist BeltBoth the adult and child belt portions are made with a plastic support strip sewn inside for added support and comfort.

  • The adult waist belt portion has a combination of Velcro & strong plastic buckles that secure the belt around the waist.

  • The child is secured at 5 points: a wide support belt around the waist, 1 1/2" nylon straps over each shoulder & 1 1/2" nylon straps around each leg (this 5 point idea is better for full body support rather than just a single waist type belt harness).

  • The child's waist belt portion is contoured to better fit the small waist size of the child, while still offering better support that enables the child to stay upright easier while riding.

  • There is a separator pad that is located between the adult rider and the child passenger and it's designed to give some comfortable space between the adult rider's back and the front face of the child while riding.

  • Soft Separator Pad & Rubber Novelty HandlesSoft yet durable novelty handle straps on the sides are designed to occupy your child during the ride. Although the child does not need to hang on as they are securely fastened to the adult rider at all times during the ride.

  • 1 1/2 ” wide leg straps are easily adjusted from side to side as well as up and down for the best comfortable fit and size of the child.

  • The back yoke pad ensures the two shoulder straps stay in place

  • Helmet Support PadIt has a helmet support to help support any neck muscle fatigue during the ride.

  • The belt will keep your child safely on the seat in the event he/she drifts off to sleep while riding.

  • There are two adult rider waist sizes available: Regular 30" to 44" & Large 44" to 57".

  • The child portion of the belt is designed to hold a child from about the age of 2 up to 10 or 11 years of age.

  • It is designed to hold a passenger up to 45 kg (100 lbs), although the tests showed the belt can hold just over 400 lbs we recommend not exceeding 100 lbs.

  • It's light too, only 1.5 kg (3lbs) for the Regular & 1.6 kg (3.3 lbs) for the Large 

  • It is easy to setup and use - the adult rider holds the belt open towards the child while the child walks towards the adult holding the belt with arms outstretched and then the adult wraps the shoulder straps around the child's back, connects the buckles, then after a few minor adjustments to the straps to ensure a snug fit according the child's riding gear he or she is wearing and then you're "Ready to Ride"!

  • Setup Step #1 Setup Step #2 Setup Step #3 Setup Step #4 Setup Step #5

  • The BackRiderTM” Belt was successfully designed and tested by bikers for bikers!

  • All this comes with a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.



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The Riderz Ragz BackRider Belt is

Designed by Bikers - for Bikers!





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